The Federal Power Act in the 21st Century

Summary Report of a Discussion Marking the 80th Anniversary of the Enactment of FPA Title II

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The Harvard Environmental Policy Initiative and Duke University’s Nicholas Institute convened a group of experts from academia, industry, public utility commissions, and environmental organizations to mark the 80th anniversary of the Federal Power Act. The group discussed the challenges of governing an evolving industry with an eighty-year old legal framework, identified opportunities for continued adaptation and reform, and suggested topics that warrant further research and discussion.

This summary report highlights the major areas of discussion as well as questions that were raised by participants that warrant further exploration by academics and policymakers. Discussions were off-the-record, and therefore none of the statements in this report are attributed to any individual. Participants did not reach agreement on particular policy or legal issues, and this report is not intended to reflect the recommendations of any particular participant.

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